2024 Goals for TEF Creations!

2024 Goals for TEF Creations!

TEF Creations, though small, has big plans this year with opportunities to engage with readers and fans of our series! With new goals to accomplish, we are venturing into new territory that will scale our small studio in ways we haven’t considered before! Breaking it down, this is what we have in mind:


Regular Posting

One of the biggest hangups that had been a hindrance in the past has been getting episodes out consistently, something T.E. has always wanted to work on. For those who were there in the beginning when Over Her Head first debuted in July 2019, T.E. had jumped in without much guidance and was pulling all-nighters to put out content weekly. For those who are tapped into the process of comic creation, and well—anyone who dives headfirst with tunnel vision into a project—knows that that is not healthy. Not knowing how to manage time plus the incalculable variables that play into that creating episodes proved to complicate things in ways that were not detectible until it was made abundantly clear.

In collaboration with Pencil Slinger and Helgarlson, the process is taking less time. With this team, we aim to get things released on a more consistent basis.


Special Events and Conventions

Part of growing our brand and studio, we are aiming to make a bigger splash so that we can share our works with as many people as possible! Increasing our visibility by going to conventions and open markets, we want to position ourselves to really meet you guys when we can and meet new people as well! With the fan base that is already hanging tough with us, we want to hold special events that give you all an opportunity to engage in the world TEF Creations put together for your enjoyment! We are keeping a tight lid on that for now, as we want to present these in tandem with certain events in our series, but we believe you will be excited to participate! We can’t wait to share them with you!


Print Editions

TEF Creations is in the process of creating print editions of season one! They will be made available late spring-early summer 2024. It’s a whole process, but so worth it!


We are hard at work in our efforts to bring you something special this year. Thank you for always being so patient with us and for believing in what we do!

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