Want to start a web comic of your own? TEF Creations has a mentorship that can help get you started!

Starting can be the hardest part. Where do you start? What do I want my comic to be about? All these questions are very important when you’re laying down the foundation to starting a project.

T.E. Foster will assist and help guide you on your journey to getting your project off the ground and shared for the world to see and enjoy! Fron conception to debut, we aim to:

  • Assist in concept building
  • Provide general resources
  • Planning for your launch
  • Curate a marketing plan
  • Helping you qualify for Ad Revenue (Webtoons)
  • Help you feel secure to take the reins to continue to thrive!

At minimum, it is a six-month program that strives to give you the tools and knowledge to start ahead of the game and set you up for success as a web comic creator. At $60.00/month, you can start your mentorship and receive all the mentioned above.

If you find the mentorship beneficial, but are not yet ready to launch and wish to make an extension to your mentorship, please contact us at