TEF Creations Comics

TEF Creations started out as an outlet of creativity in a sea of indie published comics on the platform, Webtoons. It's first works were "Over Her Head," a story of a young woman in her endeavors to navigate the next big chapter in life, dating! Though timid and unsure, and with the help of her two best friends, she manages to pull courage from deep within to challenge herself to pursue things that would otherwise feel unobtainable.


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"Having been sheltered for most of her life with school and a career at the focus, Connie's come to the realization that she hasn't experienced much of.. well... anything? Twenty-two years old and she's finally getting around to the things she's always wanted to do; dating, parties, expanding her circle. But will the cold waters of reality keep her grounded or will she drown?"

From there, several projects have stemmed from creator, T.E. Foster, like: 


Moon & Star Title Image

Moon & Star (Romance) - "Amara Foss, Crown Princess of Fosseria, is next in line to take the throne and determined to add to the long list of achievements the matriarchs before her had accomplished. However, she may take the throne under one condition: she MUST marry, or forego her reign altogether. With four suitors vying for her attention, will she be able to find her way out of this mess? Or submit and find some sort of happiness with her future King?"


SHIFTING Title Image

SHIFTING (Sci-fi Adventure) - "After it was discovered that Lena was half Shifter, she'd been forced to leave home so she wouldn't bring anymore mistreatment home to her mother. Traveling with her companion, Malik, they peruse the hot spots, tourist attractions, and the interstellar underbelly to get their hands bloody--I mean dirty! Gotta make a living somehow... right?"


Patheos Academy Title Image

Patheos Academy

(Fantasy/Romance/Adventure) - "TBA 2024"


Knight Calling Title Image

Knight Calling: I Was Summoned to Another World?!

(Adventure) - "TBA 2024"



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