TEF Creation Returns March 2024!

TEF Creation Returns March 2024!

After a long and much needed hiatus, TEF Creations will be returning this spring!

For those that were unaware, I was unable to produce my projects for the remainder of 2023 due to some health issues. Though I have greatly improved, other life concerns raised their ugly heads and prevented me from getting back to the comics.

There have been some developments that I’d like to share with you all that will greatly affect the way I produce my comics and the flow at which I release them.

The total works that I have going on at the moment are as follows: Over Her Head, SHIFTING, Moon & Star, Patheos Academy, and Knights Calling.

Over Her Head got a new title image! I hope you guys like it! I put a lot of love into it and wanted to capture the essence of the comic and the new season to come! Connie is about to embark on the next chapter of her romantic endeavors, and this season, everyone will have a sub plot that deepens your connection to the other characters.

I know it’s been stuck at episode one for such a long time, but SHIFTING will be posting on a more consistent schedule on the same weekend as Over Her Head. Follow Lena as she discovers a whole new life path that leads her closer to answers that she initially thought were lost to her.

Although this comic started as a Black History Month project, I couldn’t let go of it as I had fallen in love with the concept and the characters. Moon & Star will be posted on alternate weekends along with Patheos Academy. Amara, our headstrong and determined ruler, has some big life decisions to make as she decides whether she wants to play by the counsel’s rules or not. I’m so excited to work on something so whimsical and romantic.

Action and adventure are always a wild ride, and I can’t wait to share Patheos Academy with you all! This is a concept that was derived from my husband (who we’ll refer to as Helgarlson) and I. It has been in development for about two years now. World building and character work has been expansive and we’re anxious to present a cool, polished project that sweeps you away into this fantastical realm of blessings, curses, destroyer Gods, and Cults that aim to dismantle the kingdom. Our main character, Jesper, along with his classmates Kira, Frederick, and Anton, have much work to do ahead of them!

Knights Calling is an isekai that will be released in the summer of 2024. This project is still in development and will happen in the same world as Patheos Academy, but in different parts of the world. Our main character is lost in the sauce when he abruptly gets transported to a fantastical world. He’s expected to be a knight, but he’s just a lost college student! A journey of self-discovery, family history, and overcoming barriers.

Posting schedules will be:


First & Third Friday: Over Her Head

First & Third Saturday: SHIFTING

Second & Fourth Friday: Moon & Star

Second & Fourth Saturday: Patheos Academy

Posting begins in February 2024! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding! I can’t wait to share these amazing stories with you all! See you soon!

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